The following committees as currently active within our organization. For more information on any committee, or if you are interested in participating, please contact the committee chair person listed or the state office.

Council Of Governors
Chairperson: CC Terry Durham
The 2016-17 Council of Governors have announced their meeting dates as August 6, 2016; October 22, 2016; January 5, 2017; April 29, 2017 and June 1, 2017. People wishing to address the Council should contact CC Terry Durham at or the State Office at at least three weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
June 1, 2017N / AN / A
October 22, 2016AgendaMinutes
April 29, 2017N / AN / A
January 5, 2017AgendaMinutes
August 6, 2016AgendaMinutes

Iowa Lions Foundation
Chairperson: PDG Zane Vokes
The Iowa Lions Foundation is made up of fourteen Trustees, two elected from each of the seven districts in Iowa. The Board will meet five times during 2016-2017. The dates as announced will be July 30, 2016; October 8, 2016; January 6, 2017; April 15, 2017 and June 2, 2017. Any one wishing to address the Foundation should contact President PDG Zane Vokes at or the State Office at at least three weeks prior to each meeting.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
June 2, 2017N / AN / A
April 29, 2017N / AN / A
January 6, 2017AgendaMinutes
October 8, 2016AgendaMinutes
July 30, 2016AgendaMinutes

Global Leadership Team Coordinator
Chairperson: PCC Ardie Klemish
This committee is responsible for training District officers in each of the Districts. Members from the committee do the training in the Districts not at the State level. The members of this committee are available for assistance to Global Leadership teams in each District and also to clubs.

Global Membership Team Coordinator
Chairperson: CC Terry Durham
This Team consists of teams from each District including the GMT Coordinator and members of the District Governor team. The purpose is to develop membership growth and extension of each District. For information on growing membership or starting a new club contact PDG Terry Durham at

LCIF Chairperson
Chairperson: PDG Gary Glockhoff
The LCIF Committee is made up of 7 LCIF Coordinators, one from each District. The coordinators relay all information from Lions Clubs International Foundation as well as promote donating to LCIF at the club and district level.

State Business
This section of the web page contains the information from our two State meetings each year. The current information is for the 2017 Mid-Winter Leadership Conference, held at the Holiday Inn, Des Moines Airport January 5-7, 2017 and the 2017 State Convention held in Cedar Rapids June 1-3, 2017. The information will be updated as it becomes available.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
January 7, 2017AgendaMinutes

Constitution & ByLaws
Chairperson: PDG Herman Kopitzke Jr.
This committee is charged with the responsibility to draft changes to the Constitution and By Laws of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and also the changes to the Acts of Incorporation of the Iowa Lions Foundation. The committee meets at Mid-Winter and at State Convention. Chairperson of the committee is PDG Herman Kopitzke.

Executive Advisory
Chairperson: PCC Bill Pollard
The Executive Advisory Committee serves as the Long Range Planning Committee for the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the Iowa Lions Foundation. Meetings are held preceeding the Council and Foundation meetings three times per year. Anyone wishing to contribute to the agenda for future meetings, should contact PCC Bill Pollard at or the State Office at

Chairperson: PCC Duane Eldred
This committee has the responsibility of drafting and presenting the "Rules" for both Mid-Winter and the State Convention. Meetings are held at both state meetings. Chairperson is PCC Duane Eldred.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
N/AAgendaN / A

Chairperson: PDG Fred Stark
The State Parliamentarian is appointed by the Council of Governors for a three year term. The Parliamentarian is responsible for providing rules of procedure advise to the presiding officers at both Mid-Winter and the State Convention. The current Parliamentarian is Lion Fred Stark.

Chairperson: PDG Dean Porter
The State Chaplains serve as the spiritual leader for the Council of Governors. The Chaplains are called upon to handle prayers at Mid-Winter and State Convention as well as conduct a non-denominational worship service at each. Currently the State Chaplain is PDG Dean Porter.

State Meetings
Chairperson: PDG Zane Vokes
(a) Select the location and time of the State Convention and Mid-Winter Leadership Conference.
(b) Make all arrangements and plan the agenda's for both of these meetings with the approval of the Council.
(c) Prepare budgets for both the State Convention and Mid-Winter Leadership Conference.
(d) Prepare and submit reports as required by the Council.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
June 1-3, 2017N / AN / A

Chairperson: PDG Debbie Doty
This committee is made up of the Cabinet Secretaries from each of the seven districts. They are responsible for certifying delegates when voting takes place at a State Meeting. The committee meets at Mid-Winter and State Convention. Chairperson of the committee is PDG Debbie Doty.

Chairperson: Lion Brian Atkinson
DUTIES OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE SHALL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: (a) With the out-going and in-coming Council Chair and the State Administrator prepare the formal budet for the coming year. This budget shall be ratified or modified and ratified by the incoming District Governors at their first council meeting. b) Make recommendations for revision of state dues and funding to the Council. c) In conjunction with the Personnel and Equipment Committee shall review and make recommendations regarding the Administrative Assistant's, and State Administrator salaries. (d) Meet a minimum of twice a year before the first Council meeting and at Mid-Winter Leadership Conference and any other time deemed necessary by the Council. (e) Undertake duties assigned by the Council.

Chairperson: PDG David Dannen
This committee conducts the voting as necessary on the State Level. In most years the only voting takes place at the State Convention.The exeption is if Iowa is putting forth a candidate for International Office. The Chairperson of the committee is PDG David Dannen.

The Iowa Lion Editorial Board
Chairperson: PCC Diana Benzing
Oversees publication of "The Iowa Lion" magazine, which includes overall responsibility for the magazine as the official publication of Lions Clubs of Iowa.

Iowa Lions Information Technology Board
Chairperson: Lion Ed Shaeffer
This committee consists of representatives from the 7 districts and other interested parties, and oversees the operation of the District Web Sites as well as the Iowa Lions Facebook page. Chairperson of the committee is Lion Ed Schaeffer.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
2016N / AN / A

Bud Klise Selection
Chairperson: PID Norm Dean
This committee under the leadership of PID Norm Dean, annually selects an outstanding leadership candidate to recognize with the G.E. "Bud" Klise Leadership Award. One award is made each year and nominations are sought from all Lions, Lioness and LEOs in Iowa. A committee led by PID Dean, will make the final selection. Nominations must be sent to PID Dean by February 28, 2017. Information on submitting a nomination can be found under the links section of this website.

Ralph Whitten Selection
Chairperson: PID Gary Fry
This committee annually selects a recipient for the Ralph Whitten Service Award. nominations are solicited from all Lions. Lioness and LEOs across the State. A committee chaired by PID Gary Fry make the final selection. Nominations are to be submitted to the Lions Clubs of Iowa State Office in Ames by no later than February 28, 2017. Information on submitting a nomination can be found under the links section of the website.

Spark Plug Selection
Chairperson: PID Dave Stoufer
The recipient of this award is a fairly new Lion who demonstrates the ability to make an impact on their club and district in the future. The committee led by PID Dave Stoufer makes the final selection. Nominations should be submitted to PID Dave no later than February 28, 2017. A nomination form can be found on the FORMS link from the Homepage.

Personnel & Equipment
Chairperson: CC Terry Durham
This committee meets twice each year to evaluate employees and make employmnet suggestions to the Council of Governors. They also have the responsibility to oversee the upkeep on the State Office and suggest new or replacemetn items. The current Council Chairperson facilitates this committee.

Diabetes Awareness
Chairperson: Lion Larry Bartlett
The Lions have a long-term commitment to diabetes awareness. The purpose of this committee is to provide supports on diabetes education, treatment, research and early detection regarding diabetes to members and non-members across the State. The committee is made up of Lions District Diabetes Awareness Chairs, from across the State, and all other interested parties. Those interested in assisting with the Lions Diabetes Awareness project or obtaining information on diabetes and it's complications should contact Diabetes Awareness Chairperson Lion Larry Bartlett at

International Convention
Chairperson: CC Terry Durham
This committee coordinates plans for events associated with the International Convention each year. The 2017 Interntional Convention will be in Chicago, IL.

Meeting Date(s)AgendaMinutes
June 2017N / AMinutes